On 5 June at 4 pm in the Drama Theatre – Varna, lobby I balcony, we invite you to a meeting with the French playwright, director and actress Salomé Lelouch. She is a special guest of the Varna Summer Theatre Festival on the occasion of the presentation of the first Bulgarian production of her acclaimed play You Shouldn’t Have Said So! directed by Javor Gardev, part of the Bulgarian Selection and the Showcase programme. Javor Gardev staged the play in translation by Snezhina Zdravkova and with the actors Teodora Duhovnikova and Zachari Bacharov.

The play has been nominated for the French Moliere Theatre Award 2022 for Best Comedy and Best Author.

Salomé Lelouch ranks high in popular French drama. Following her 2006 debut, she has been regularly staging her plays ever since. She has written nine texts and adaptations, and in 2017 she received her first nomination for the Molière French Theatre Award for best writer for the play Politically Correct. In 2018 she established her own theatre in Paris. In 2021 she staged You Shouldn’t Have Said So! at the Renaissance Theatre in the French capital along with Pierre Arditi, her stepfather, in the role of The Man, who was also nominated for the Molière Award.

The meeting will be moderated by Bulgarian theatre scholar Veneta Doytcheva.

In French and Bulgarian.

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