The America for Bulgaria Foundation and “VIA FEST” Foundation brought together in 2014 in Bulgaria the international project The Met Live in HD which they carried out till 2019. It comprised of satellite broadcasts from one of the world’s most prestigious opera houses.

Under the leadership of Peter Gelb, who manages to attract some of the most outstanding figures in contemporary theatre and opera, after 2006 the Metropolitan Opera became one of the most innovative places for the art of classical music. The satellite technology allows the audience in various parts of the world to watch and listen the works and performances of outstanding composers, instrumentalists, conductors and singers in real time and to take part in the experience alongside the spectators in the hall of the Met. This incredible concentration of energy and sense of connection among the many thousands of opera lovers turns the The Met: Live in HD into an eagerly awaited event for the audiences in more than 3000 cinema houses in 65 countries.The project also demonstrates the unexpected chance for a new experience of the art of the stage through the hybrid mixture of opera, cinema and television. Therefore it takes place in one of the most modern multiplexes – Cinema City Mall of Sofia. It is being realized in partnership with the Municipality of Sofia and the British Council – Sofia. All broadcasts will be subtitled in Bulgarian and English, and part of their charm will be the thrill and risk of the live transmission.

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