2024 Theatre of Satire | 07 June, 19:30
Eduardo Guerrero – Spain


Direction: Eduardo Guerrero 

Music, Direction, Playwriting: Javier Ibáñez

Music and Letters: Joan Manuel Serrat, Horacio García, Félix Luna, Ariel Ramírez, Javier Ibáñez and popular

Artistic Direction: Clara Castro

Wardrobe: Antonio Parra 

Footwear: Begoña Cervera

Production: Clara Castro

Eduardo Guerrero (dance), Diego Fernandez (guitar), Anabel Rivera and Manuel Soto (singers)

When in 2017 Varna Summer Theatre Festival presented the charismatic flamenco dancer and choreographer Eduardo Guerrero for the first time, he received standing ovations. Now we welcome him back with one of his latest original productions.

Faro (Lighthouse) is a Flamenco performance inspired by the poetic image of a lighthouse. The lighthouse here is the scenario of storms and splendid daybreaks, of farewells and happy re-encounters, witness to innumerable battles and magical celebrations, and it now welcomes Eduardo Guerrero’s performance with the same naturalness as when it basks in spectacular and nostalgic twilights.

Faro is a performance without a script, where we are given a taste of different Flamenco styles, and versions of the mythical songs that have been inspired by the image of a lighthouse. In Faro musical numbers are inserted into Eduardo’s dance in such a way that the performance develops in crescendo. The simple white stage setting gives emphasis to the colorful Eduardo ‘s costumes, and places the limelight on his magnificent and precise choreographies.

Eduardo Guerrero began in the world of dance when he was only 6 years old. Trained at the Conservatory in Contemporary, Classic and Spanish Dance, he has shaped his very unique dancing style alongside important figures such as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín, Eva Yerbabuena, Aida Gómez, Rocío Molina, Javier Latorre, Rafael Aguilar, touring the world and participating in prestigious events. Since 2011, he has begun touring with his own shows. His contemporary aesthetics, refined technique, profound knowledge of the Flamenco essence, his artistic talent and powerful force, places Eduardo Guerrero among the remarkable names of the international flamenco scene.

Duration: 75 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Paco Lobato, Fidel Meneses and Félix Vázquez

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