2021 Theatre of Satire | 07 July, 19:30


Director & Choreography  David Gutierrez

Music Atrapado en el Tiempo

Stage director Patricia Gutiérrez

Music director Tete Castilla

Dramaturgy Un Tiempo Nuevo para el Flamenco

Scenography Oscar Vazquez

Light and sound design Oscar Vazquez

Management Flamenco Agency

“Flamenco Reborn” is a production of the renowned company Barcelona Flamenco Ballet. The dynamic performance combines a passionate Spanish flamenco with jazz and contemporary dance against the background of breathtaking live music. Dancers build up a movement, or a rhythm, with repetitive, vigorous motions – and then break it, instantly stopping, rupturing the established order, then beginning again, with a new movement, a new rhythm. Dancers and musicians maintain an intense dialogue with the audience and engage them in the action. The skilful intertwining of colours, rhythm, vigorous performance and symbolic meanings makes “Flamenco: Reborn” a true work of art.

David Gutierrez is well-recognized as one of the top innovators in today’s flamenco world. In 2010, UNESCO inscribed this Spanish dance into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In 2017, he established Barcelona Flamenco Ballet as an international company aiming to promote the heritage of this Spanish dance and continue it in the present in a dialogue with other forms. The inexhaustible energy and exceptional performance of Gutierrez and his partners fascinate the spectators all over the world.

The guest-performance is supported by Instituto Cervantes – Sofia.





Tickets Price: 30 BGN (VIP) / 25 / 15 BGN (discount for students and pensioners) Duration: 90 min

GALLERY    Photo: Flamenco Agency

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