2022 Digital edition | 15 June, 19:00
Thalia Theatre – Hamburg, Germany


by Heiner Müller

Stage design and directing by Robert Wilson

Ligh design: Jennifer Tipton / Robert Wilson

Music: Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller

Dramaturgy: Wolfgang Wiens

Cast: Lena Stolze, Kerstin Haberkamp, Kristin Derfler, Karen Friesicke, Katja Junge, Annette Paulmann, Bernhard Bettermann, Robert Düssler, Marcus Bluhm, Ulrich Hub, Jörg Benthien,  Gökhan Bolcan, Heidi Ecks, Ulrich Bähnk, Frank Seelke

German writer, poet and highly influential playwright Heiner Müller wrote the theatre play “Hamletmachine” in 1977 as a loose translation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. He called it “a pamphlet against the murderous illusion that one can remain innocent in this world”. The play became one of the most significant texts of theatre postmodernism.

Robert Wilson’s 1986 production is of great significance for contemporary theatre. Müller names it the “best production” of his play. In Wilson’s typical visual theatre’s style, the performance proceeds as a series of images provoked by the text,

The online streaming of the production is on the occasion of a workshop on “Hamletmachine” with young theatre professionals in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the International Heiner Müller Society.

20 June, 17:30 h, Goethe-Institut Sofia

Round Table  Discussion: Heiner Mueller in the Bulgarian Theatre

Moderated by Asen Terziev

Free admission.


A video recording of the performance is accessible for 48 hours from 15 June, 19:00 to 17 June, 19:00 at viafest.org.

Supported by the National Culture Fund and by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.

GALLERY    Photo: Lucie Jansch

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