2012 “Nikolay Binev” Youth Theatre | 04 June, 19.00ч
L’APRÈS-MIDI a solo for Emmanuel Eggermont

L’APRÈS-MIDI a solo for Emmanuel Eggermont

Director: Raimund Hoghe

artistic collaboration: Luca Giacomo Schulte


Emmanuel Eggermont

L’APRES-MIDI production Cie Raimund Hoghe, coproduction оf Festival Montpellier Danse 2008; Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse); Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster with the support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté à Belfort dans le cadre de « l’accueil-studio » / Ministère de la culture et de la communication / DRAC Franche-Comté

Raimund Hoghe is a leading figure in contemporary European dance. Between 1980 and 1990 he was a dramaturge of the legendary Pina Bausch. For the past twenty years he has run his own dance company. In Emmanuel Eggermont’s hypnotic solo L’aprés-Midi with Hogue himself the celebrated choreographer continues his cycle on classical music and history of dance pieces. Floating on the evocative music of Claude Debussy and Gustav Mahler, the result is a poetic solo of technical brilliance and captivating mood.


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Duration: 75 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Роза Франк

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