2024 Digital edition | 03 June, 19:00
ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie, France


by Pierre de Marivaux 

Directed by Galin Stoev

In 2020, within the first digital edition of the Varna Summer International Theatre Festival, during the pandemic of the Covid-19, we presented a short film about the spectacular performance of director Galin Stoev “The Double Inconstancy” on the stage of the ThéâtredelaCité in Toulouse, of which he is also the artistic director. You now have the opportunity to watch the entire performance online. It premiered in November 2019. The staging offers a contemporary reading of Pierre de Marivaux’s classic comedy of 1723.

Harlequin and Sylvia are stubbornly in love. Which is quite a problem for the Prince, himself in love with Sylvia, since he is not allowed to use force to break up their couple. Then again, some forms of violence can be insidiously gentle… Director Stoev sees the lovers’ bond “as a white mouse” that is to be experimented upon until the desired result is achieved by those who run the lab. He excels at staging the disquieting charm of one of France’s most celebrated and subtle playwrights, whom he considers as “a precursor of our post-truth days” : what is true, what is false indeed, if true love, this most « sincere » and « natural » of feelings, falls for such traps?

Nomination of the Award of French theatre critics 2020 for performance of the year, for best stage design (Alban Ho Van’s), for a Theatre Revelation of the Year (for Maud Gripon and Thibaut Prigent) and for best actress (Melodie Richard).

In French with Bulgarian subtitles.

The streaming of a video recording of the production is accessible for free for 72 hours from 3 June, 7 pm, till 6 June, 7 pm, on the territory of Bulgaria on viafest.org.


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