2012 Theatre Laboratory Sfumato | 12 June, 20.30ч
THE TABLE – music performance

THE TABLE – music performance

conceived, directed and performed by Karbido:
Pawel Czepulkowski, Igor Gawlikowski, Marek Otwinowski, Michał Litwiniec
lights: Tomasz Sikora
sound: Jacek Fedorowicz


A musical performance for four actors and a table which has toured around the world and become a major festival hit! “Carbido” means “free choice” and the musicians from the Wrocław band make full-blown use of it combining music, theatre and different styles. They transform a table into an electroacustic instrument and take the audience on a musical trip around the world. The Table was nominated for best show at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival and won the award for best alternative performance at TOUCAN OFF 2006 in Wrocław and at FRINGE WORLD FESTIVAL PERTH 2012, Australia.

Duration: 60 min.


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