2022 Digital edition | 08 June, 19:00
Madách Theatre – Budapest, Hungary


by Zoltán Fráter

Directed by: Tamás Szirtes

Composer: Levente Gulyás

Dramaturge: Csilla Szabó

Stage Design / Animation: András Vízvárdi

Costume Designer: Nóra Rományi

Director of Photography: László Seregi HCA

Broadcasting director: Péter Goretic

Editor: Ákos Nagy

Scenic Designer: János Szűcsborus

Assistants: Amáta Farkas, Éva Kutschera

Cast: Ernő Fekete, Adél Jordán, Réka-Thália Fekete

Madách Theatre’s brand-new streamed film-play brings to life the two great loves of the famous Hungarian writer, poet and essayist Frigyes Karinthy (1887-1938), which playfully uses the facts of the writer’s life, showing the tragicomic friction between the „two one-and-onlys” and the startling changes in Karinthy’s life.

Frigyes Karinthy is twenty-five years old when he escapes his great love, the actress Etel Judik, with three children, under adventurous circumstances. They hide from the anger of the husband in Berlin for half a year, then reconcile the husband with a larger sum and get married in Budapest. From the nickname „beetle, beetle”, the writer gives the name Boga to his beloved partner, who will be the victim of a Spanish flu epidemic that erupts after World War I.

Karinthy writes in his diary after his wife’s death: „I feel like a tumor developed in my brain when she died…”. After almost two years, the grieving man, taking a phone joke invitation seriously, gets to know the married woman, doctor Aranka Böhm. Aranka, who is passionate about conquering all men, has been coloring the everyday life of marriage with her emotional storms for a decade and a half, when Karinthy, who has been thinking of Boga with unquenchable love all along, really needs surgery in 1936.

The writer is hovering between life and death fights two women at once – in imagination with Boga, in reality with Aranka…

About the Streamed Film-Plays of Madách Theatre, Budapest

During the pandemic era, Madách Theatre – one of Hungary’s leading repertory theatres –ventured into film-making, turning its studio theatre space into a fully-fledged TV studio. The Theatre soon started producing so called „streamed film-plays” – a special format merging the art forms of theatre, TV and cinema – under the programme title of „Madách SzínpadON”, which have been very well-received by audiences both from Hungary and abroad.

In 2022, Madách Theatre focuses on producing a series of streamed film-plays about the lives and lovers of internationally acclaimed Hungarian literary figures. These are brand-new works written for the screen by contemporary Hungarian authors using excerpts of the said authors’ letters and other biographical and historical documents, and featuring leading Hungarian actors and actresses.

The production is not appropriate for children below 12.

In Hungarian with Bulgarian subtitles.

Accessible for 72 hours from 8 June, 19:00 till 11 June, 19:00 on viafest.org.

The presentation of the production is supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia.

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