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Selector: Veneta Doycheva, theatre researcher


Theatre is a powerful magnifying glass that has the power to focus attention on the big issues experienced by the society. In 2012, International Theatre Festival Varna Summer presents its 20th edition and will continue to pursue its ambition to be a meeting place for ideas. Our satisfaction with the long way we have come over the years binds us to think for the prospects of the future. In our program of Bulgarian performances we stress on the theatre that defends causes and asks questions. Theatre’s causes are in the field of aesthetic innovation and untrodden paths, theatre’s causes are in its commitment to the anxieties of present-day world, theatre’s causes are in the energy of youth, theatre’s causes are in the platform of open conversation with the audience, theatre’s causes are in the space of focusing on the eternal questions. We will look for engaged theatre that has the nerve, passion, capacity to provoke. We will present to the audience texts, actors, directors, artists and musicians in whose pulse beats the theatre’s potential to lead engaged discussions. We believe play is serious, beautiful and exciting when it does not stop asking.

2012 | Festival production

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