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Selector: Romeo Popiliev, theatre researcher


Seduction and anxiety – these two are the main conditions inhabited by contemporary man. On one side, the much more intensified consumer’s aspirations are working, bred by the ever more- fantastic temptations of the market; on the other side – the feeling for anxiety strengthens ever more inevitably: the feeling of unsteadiness and insecurity, the on and on shortening of time which induces one to make ever faster and gambling decisions, and finally the vague wish for a life somewhat different; in one word – the anxiety of all that which fails distinct description… With the five performances I have chosen, I was looking for some of the main questions, which could be put to this situation of seduction and anxiety, as well as for their different formal theatrical methods: the moderate combination of drama and comedy, of classics, modernity and contemporaneity, and  last but not least – the high professionalism, with which they have been created…

2007 | Guest-performance of the festival

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