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Selector: Kamelia Nikolova, theatre researcher


Theatre is permitted zone for forbidden things – fears, dreams, desires, aggressions, desperations, hopes. Theatre is the other, the unlit side of life. The other, night-face of man. A face, that  everybody has, but not everybody has the ability to show it. When a performance is a result of this ability, it is a type of “unpermitted life” that, whether we like it or not, we can always recognize it with our “night” eyes. It is the authentic fact of art… Another main characteristics of theatre is that it is a form of communication. Theatre is a system of possibilities, signs and ways of expression with scenic means, i.e. it is a language that one has to achieve knowledge of it, which has to be maintained and enriched to be adequate to the cultural situation it is used in… Both characteristics display an understanding of the theatre festival as a feast of the outright creativity.


1997 | Street performances

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