2023 | Parallel programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 02 June, 20:30
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After theatre plays by Yana Borissova

Directed by Dimiter Kotsev – Shosho

Set Design: Elis Velly

Music by Milen Kukosharov

With the actors Tsvetana Maneva, Yulian Vergov, Peter Antonov, Darin Angelov and the musicians Milen Kukosharov and Velislav Stoyanov

About Love is theatre and music experience that brings together actors with diverse interpretations of old and new texts written by Yana Borissova, a leading Bulgarian playwright. Accompanied by Yosif Tsankov’s music, the texts are performed by Milen Kukosharov and Velislav Stoyanov.

The performance echoes the fragile, hilarious and heart-wrenching confessions of several people who fight for their right to love and fend off the terror of loneliness day in, day out. Yana Borissova’s characters speak freely of their feelings, taking us into the ludicrous and messy mayhem of their love lives and reflections.

Love is about survival, being inspired by having a life, taking a breath, being full of joy. Love is about happiness; it is a serious business and not everyone can live with it. Love might be the only working formula that never fails to deliver and so far it has always redeemed people. A terrifying element of unmatched force and scale. The only one to transform people into gods and vice versa!
Yana Borissova

The event is supported by the Access Programme of the Art Office Foundation, funded by the National Culture Fund.

Tickets Price: 30 BGN Duration: 120 min.


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