2022 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 09 June, 19:00
Drama Theatre - Varna


By Peter Shaffer

Directed by Stayko Murdzhev

Set and costume design: Petya Boyukova

Composer: Petar Dundakov

Choreography and  plastic expression: Stanislav Genadiev

Translated by Denitsa Dimitrova

Stoyan Radev, Nencho Kostov, Hristina Dzhurova, Simeon Lyutakov, Plamen Dimitrov, Ivaylo Ivanov, Veselina Mihalkova, Svilen Stoyanov, Konstantin Sokolov, Nedyalko Stefanov, Robert Vahanyan, Velizar Emanuilov, Gergana Arnaudova, Aleksandra Maydavska, Daniela Viktorova

Peter Shaffer has won acclaim for his masterful portrayal of complex and dual characters who wander between mediocrity and genius, fiction and verisimilitude, god and man. The portrayals of Mozart and Salieri in “Amadeus” are the most vivid examples of this.

“Amadeus” presents a fictionalized version of the lives of these two famous musicians. In it, Mozart is a remarkably talented young composer who finds a fierce rival in Antonio Salieri. Hating Mozart for his hedonistic lifestyle, which he feels is not in keeping with his undoubted talent, the intensely religious Salieri gradually becomes obsessed with his desire to destroy him, leading to a treacherous plan. In his reading, director Stayko Murdzhev concentrates on the psychological depths of the characters in a stylish production with powerful performances.

Ikar Award 2022 for best actress in a supporting role (Hristina Dzhurova)

Ikar Award 2022 Nomination for best technical realization

Askeer Award 2022 Nomination for best director

Tickets Price: 30, 25, 20 BGN / 15 BGN for students and pensioners Duration: 105 min

GALLERY    Photo: Ivan Donchev

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