2024 | Parallel programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 07 June, 21:00
CLACKETY-CLACK, CLACKETY-CLACK, CHOO-CHOO…! – Мusic for theatre by Kiril Donchev

CLACKETY-CLACK, CLACKETY-CLACK, CHOO-CHOO…! – Мusic for theatre by Kiril Donchev

Vocal: Kiril Donchev

Piano: Antoni Donchev

Trumpet: Rosen Zahariev

Contrabass: Georgi Donchev

Drums: Dimitar Semov

This concert presents part of composer Kiril Donchev’s theatre music written for the performances of some of the most renowned Bulgarian directors, such as Leon Daniel, Vili Tsankov, Krasimir Spasov, Ivan Dobchev, etc.

The composer Kiril Donchev was born in 1936 in Burgas and he was the author of the music of more than 240 theatre performances, more than 65 motion pictures and more than 30 documentaries. He graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory and worked as a conductor in Burgas Woodwind Orchestra until 1962. During the most of the 60s of the last century, he was a composer at “Bulgarian Army” Theatre and, in the 70s, at “Sofia” Theatre. In 1989, he started working as a composer at the National Theatre, but also wrote music for performances across Bulgaria. In 2008, he received an “Askeer” award for lifetime achievement.

In this concert, he goes on stage together with his sons Antoni Donchev and Georgi Donchev, who are also renowned musicians, as well as with famous trumpet player Rosen Zahariev and drummer Dimitar Semov, who works with a number of jazz bands.

 Intermezzo Programme is carried out together with Varna Summer International Music Festival.

Tickets Price: 25 BGN/ 20 BGN for students and pensioners Duration: 75 min.


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