2024 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 01 June, 19:30
"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre


Author: Konstantin Iliev

Director: Javor Gardev

Scenography: Pavel Koychev

Costumes: Svila Velichkova

Music: Kalin Nikolov

Vocals: Vladimir Penev with students in acting at National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, class Prof. Penko Gospodinov  

Vladimir Penev and Pavlin Petrunov

On Easter Sunday in 1880, priest Krastyo went to his church for a liturgy service for the Second Ascension. The holy gifts from the service from the previous night had been left untouched – no one from Lovech congregation went to the church of the priest alleged to have betrayed Vasil Levski. Today, it is still empty. Only Gecho the Mute – the insane sacristan – hangs around in the area, who will later face priest Krastyo’s test through a passionate denunciatory speech against the deeds of the Apostle of Freedom.

Javor Gardev puts “Easter Wine” on the stage of the National Theatre in the eve of the 150th anniversary from the hanging of Vasil Levski. The bright creative team is complemented by the great sculptor Pavel Koychev, who developed scenography that is similar to an installation. Beyond the question about the historical plausibility of the plot, the main topic in Javor Gardev’s staging is the internal transformation through repentance and by confessing one’s transgression and the actor Vladimir Penev gives his character a tragic dimension.

 “With the penetrating words of Konstantin Iliev, in the midst of the images of Pavel Koychev, we will dive into the shared pain and joy of that quiet, wise, deep and authentic patriotism authors like them are still capable of. Even at times when the faces of the saints hang on people’s calves.” – Javor Gardev, director

Tickets Price: 30, 35, 40, 45 BGN/ 25 BGN discount tickets for students and pensioners Duration: 105 min.


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