2019 | Showcase programme Halle 3 | 07 June , 14:00-19:00 entrance every 40 min.
08 June , 14:00-18:20 entrance every 40 min.
Christian Bakalov (Bulgaria/ Belgium)


Concept and realization: Christian Bakalov

Music, scenography: Christian Bakalov 

Technical consultant: Rumen Kalchev

Assistants: Tatyana Petrova, Demir Berisha

Costumes: Christian Bakalov assisted by Veneta Stoyanova

Antonya Nikolova, Veselin Daskalov, Veneta Stoyanova, Alexandra Spasova, Sasha Krastarska, Nikola Mihov, Milena Dimitrova, Iskra Prodanova

“ETERNAL” is a collective ritual that gauges the essence of human condition through an experience of heightened intimacy and inescapable intensity. It creates sensorial collusions between visual and body matter in the framework of an immersive performative installation in which the audience has equal responsibility. ​“ETERNAL” is created for Varna Summer International Theatre Festival 2019 as a last part of the trilogy “ETERNIA” (BRIGHT/PURE/ ETERNAL), inspired by the concept of ETERNITY in the philosophy of Spinoza.

Christian Bakalov is a contemporary dance artist and in the last 10 years he has performed in the works of Jan Fabre, Vincent Riebeek & Florentina Holzinger, Ivo Dimchev a.o.

Tickets Price: 10, 8 lv. Duration: 40 min.