2016 | Parallel programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 10 June, 17.30 - 18.45


Choreography and directing: Tatyana Sokolova and Anna Pampulova
Set and Costume Design Yana Dvoretska
Music: sound collages
Cast students and graduates of Theatre Department at New Bulgarian University, majors: Dance Theatre and Acting: Vasko Vasilev Dinkov, Gabriela Iliyanova Tsakova, Paolina Tsetskova Kadiyska, Izabel Tihomirova Mitkova, Aleksandra Trifonova Spasova, Kalina Tsvetkova Georgieva, Mihaela Ivaylova, Mihaela Ivaylova Pavlova, Mishel Aleksandrova Mandulova

The word comes from the Latin “excelsior” meaning “higher and higher”. The different meanings it has in terms of philosophy, phonetics, and its specific, non-metaphorical meaning is employed by choreographers to build up thed dramatic basis of the performance. They create an abstract story expressed by the means of motion, dance, visual effects, acting, text and set design. Their aim is to provoke the senses and dissolve them into a feeling of the present, of the now and here, of the “inner self”.

The performance provides Dance Theatre and Acting students at the New Bulgarian University whose professional career lies ahead with an opportunity to appear on stage.

Tickets Price: 7 lv.; 5 lv. for students and pensioners

GALLERY    Photo: Fund of Student Theatre - NBU

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