2024 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection, Showcase programme Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 05 June, 18:00
05 June , 20:30
Sfumato Theatre Laboratory |Programme "Beckett"


by Samuel Beckett

Translated by Antonia Parcheva

Directed by Margarita Mladenova

Set and costume design: Nikola Toromanov

Composer: Hristo Namliev

Svetlana Yancheva, Rashko Mladenov

The barren landscape with Winnie sunk into the ground to her waste and, beside her – inarticulate Willie, has become one of the iconic symbols of the theatre of the absurd and its perspective on human existence. This strange role, in which the female character is almost immobile and inexorably sinks down, however, without losing her ability to admire the smallest things and remember the happy days, is played by the actress Svetlana Yancheva with remarkable power and attention to detail. Margarita Mladenova has created an ascetic performance where the drama of the human amazed at whatever it is that “helps us live our wounds” in spite of everything is played in front of God’s eye.

Margarita Mladenova, together with director Ivan Dobchev, are the founders of Sfumato Theatre Laboratory. This laboratory has declared its place as a territory for theatrical quest and develops thematic programmes that study the world of authors who have made significant contributions to European culture. Mladenova has staged more than 150 works for drama theatre, television and opera in Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria, which are regularly presented at international festivals and stages. She and Ivan Dobchev have carried out more than 40 ateliers with Bulgarian and foreign actors on Chekhov, Lorca, Pushkin, Beckett, Dostoevski, Radichkov in “Sfumato”, during festivals in Bulgaria and in theatres abroad.

“In the midst of the gallery of Beckett’s clowns, the two “happy persons” – Winnie and Willie – take a special place. Similarly to the soul of the world in Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, Winnie does not know “who she is and what awaits her”, yet she has taken in “the entire life, the entire life, the entire life” and bears its heavy blessing like a miracle she is accountable to. There is no whining, no grumble. There is hope in the hidden sense in you – exactly you being alive.”Margarita Mladenova, director

With English surtitles.

“Icarus 2023” Award for best actress in a leading role (Svetlana Yancheva) and for scenography (Nikola Toromanov)

“Askeer 2023” Award for best actress in a leading role (Svetlana Yancheva) and for scenography (Nikola Toromanov)

Awards from the Vratsa 2023 Small Forms of Theatre Festival for directing (Margarita Mladenova), scenography (Nikola Toromanov) and best actress (Svetlana Yancheva)

Tickets Price: 30, 35, 40 BGN / 25 BGN discount tickets Duration: 75 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Yana Lozeva

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