2007 | Specially invited performances City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 11 June, 20.00
Violeta Vitanova & Stanislav Genadiev


multimedia dance performance
idea, concept and choreography: Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev
music: Philip Tarnovsky
set design: Ognyana Serafimova
animation: Nadezhda Staneva
cut: Vasil Stoilov

Violeta Vitanova, Elena Gospodinova, Kire Giorevsky, Stanislav Genadiev

IMAGO Is among the interesting new manifestations of contemporary dance in Bulgaria. It’s creators – Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev, are dancers, graduated Classical Ballet at the National School of Dance. The professional carrier of Stanislav Genadiev started from the state troupe for contemporary dance Ballet “Arabesc” and in 2004 he was invited to take part in the Swees Cie Linga ( it has been presented two times in the program of ITF “Varna Summer”). Violeta Vitanova joins the company for the performance “Cicatrice”. They work together also on the TW “Sfumato”’s project “Exit” where they both cast as dancers and Stanislav Genadiev also as assisstent-choreographer of Marco Cantallupo and Katarjina Gdaniec (the artistic directors of Linga).

IMAGO is their first independent project. “Imago” is the name of the last phase in the development of insects, but it is also an Jungean term and describes the way people go through building up their identity, identifying themselves with images of the collective unconscious. Uniting music, dance and images, this multimedia dance performance takes the bodies into a journey for searching of images and experiences that leave traces in the unconsciousness, starting from the very development of the organisms

“Everything starts from the cell – the smallest entire living system, the building part of the multicellular organism. This organism grows, develops, dies but does it leave a trace? What happens during this journey? It is crucial that this performance is being felt, not told. In this way every spectator can create his/her own “story” of the journey.”
Violeta Vitanova

UBA’s award Ikar for Debut

Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev wish to thank to:
Ogniana Serafimova, Tsvetana Vekova, Pavlina Zhekova, Greta Gancheva (Goethe Institute-Sofia)

The performance is realized with the support of Fund for supporting of debut projects /National Fund Culture, Pro Helvetia – Bulgaria, Goethe Institute – Sofia and Cult.bg Foundation


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