2024 | Main programme - International selection Sea Garden entrance, Varna | 08 June, 19:30
08 June , 22:00
KOLKA. Mobilé creatures
Bencha Theatre – The Netherlands

KOLKA. Mobilé creatures

Directed by Rachel Melief and Dimiter Simeonov

Cast: Micka Karlsson, Sarah Kooij, Boy Looijen, Sylvia Idelberger, Renie van Asselt and Diana Vildanova

“Kolka. Mobile creatures” is a story-telling performance with spectacular aerial acrobatics, world-class feats in cutting-edge, contemporary circus style.

A self-designed art object hangs high up in the air from a crane. The performers enchant the audience in a mythical aerial world, providing a glimpse into their object-like life with their own visual non-verbal language and habits, separated from and seeking connection to each other.

During this act, all eyes are focused on a mysterious object made of steel that floats. Acrobatics, dance and live singer connect the elements of earth and air. Cold gives space to warm vibes. Stillness comes to life in swirling movements high above in the air.

Bencha Theater has a solid reputation in Europe and beyond. They are not afraid of heights and take on every challenge to perform their spectacular balance and aerial acts while telling a beautiful story. Bencha Theater represents an international team of professional acrobats, dancers and musicians from Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.

The guest-performance is supported by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bulgaria.

Duration: 35 min.


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