2024 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection | 09 June, 21:00 | Retro Club, Festival and Congress Centre - Varna
State Satirical Theatre


by José Warletta

Translation Mariana Manolova

Stage version and staging Nikolay Mladenov

Stage environment and costumes Boyan Arsov and Nikolay Mladenov

Musical arrangement Martin Karov

A solo performance of Boyan Arsov

In “Lucifer”, the devil himself appears on stage as a “funny cabaret villain”. “I am not that bad,” he repeats again and again and proclaims himself the master of art and literature. Sin, temptation and the price of morals. The battle between the Good and the Evil. Could any of them exist without the other? How could we realise the good if the evil was not there?

The performance engages the public in these questions thanks to Boyan Arsov’s ability to play the role of both a tempter and a prophet with irony and, at the same time, seriousness, in a candid and yet misleading manner. The charismatic actor sings, dances and swings from one character to another with captivating energy and plasticity. After a number of roles in theatre plays and musicals that have brought him wide acknowledgement, Boyan Arsov makes his debut solo performance with “Lucifer”.

The director Nikolay Mladenov, who has been the deputy director of the State Satirical Theatre and lecturer in acting in New Bulgarian University, has lasting interest in Spanish drama. “Lucifer” (original title “Now It’s My Turn”) is yet another play by the Spanish playwright, writer and director José Warletta, who became popular with his skilled popular comedies.

The performance is not suitable for people under 16.

Tickets Price: 25 BGN / 20 BGN for students and pensioners Duration: 75 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Петър Петров

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