2023 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection, Showcase programme State Puppet Theatre – Varna | 05 June, 17:30; 20:30
Sfumato Theatre Laboratory


by Duncan Macmillan

Directed by Mariy Rosen

Translated by Radoslav Petkashev

Costumes by Vanina Tsandeva

Cast: Elena Telbis and Boyko Krastanov

A couple in their late twenties. They are both educated, politically and socially engaged and just slightly neurotic. While queueing in IKEA, he suggests they have a baby. But if you are really committed to the planet’s future, if you want to be a good citizen and a decent person, what makes it okay to bring another child into this world? And what might be ruined first – the planet or your relationship?

Written in 2011 by British playwright Duncan Macmillan, Lungs is a funny and current play about a couple facing contemporary life’s huge dilemmas. The play has been highly successful in Europe and the USA, and staged in leading theatres such as Berlin’s Schaubühne, London’s Old Vic, etc. In her review for the Guardian, influential British critic Lyn Gardner wrote about the play: ‘It gives voice to a generation for whom uncertainty is a way of life… It’s bravely written, startlingly structured.’

Director Mariy Rosen highlights Elena Telbis and Boyko Krastanov’s electrifying acting by clearing the stage of any sets or props, providing a play of light and shadows instead, with a focus on the rhythm and poetry of the lives these highly strung characters lead today.

Askeer Award 2023 Nomination for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Performance

The performance at 17:30 h is with simultaneous interpretation in English.

Tickets Price: 35 BGN/ 30 BGN (discount) Duration: 85 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Lora Stavreva

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