2023 | Main programme - International selection Festival and Congress Centre – Varna | 10 June, 19:30
Flamenco Ballet Barcelona – Spain


Choreography: David Gutiérrez, Paula Reyes and with the special collaboration of Tania Martin, Carlos Romero and Costi el Chato

Dramaturgy: David Gutiérrez, Paula Reyes

Interpretation: Monserrat Pons

Distribution: Flamenco Agency

Guitar: Jordi Centeno

Voice: Joel de Pepa, Rafa Bueno

Percussion: Antonio Villaverde

Piano: Alejandro Martínez

Flute and Saxophone: Rafa Palomares

Main Dancers: David Gutiérrez, Paula Reyes

Dancers: Claudia Martinell, Estefanía Maíz, Andrea Amaya, Judit Pérez, Alba Soto, Maria Bardolet, Beatriz Rodríguez, Judith Margón

The festival once again meets its audiences with Flamenco Ballet Barcelona and its new production “Luxuria”.

“Luxuria” invites into the world of intrigue, the complex dynamics of passion, love, madness and tragedy. The performance recreates a fascinating world in the style of Flamenco Ballet Barcelona, ​​which combines traditional flamenco with elements of contemporary dance and new music, performed live by six musicians.

A tragic story of desire and passion in which the main character is consumed by doubt, pride and madness, threatening the relationship with his great love and dooming him to loneliness and despair.

Choreographer and soloist in the show is David Gutiérrez. He founded Flamenco Ballet Barcelona in 2017 as an international company that seeks to promote the heritage of the Spanish dance and continue it in modern times in dialogue with other forms. Gutiérrez is recognized as one of the most talented flamenco artists in Spain and his company is gaining wide popularity worldwide.

 Intermezzo Programme is carried out in cooperation with Varna Summer International Music Festival.


Tickets Price: 50, 45, 40, 35 BGN/ 30 BGN (discount) Duration: 90 min

GALLERY    Photo: Belen Codina

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