2016 | Showcase programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 04 June, 19.15 - 20.15
Documentary Theatre Studio VOX POPULI


verbatim theatre performance

Director and composition Neda Sokolovska
Field research coordinator and analysis Miglena Gerasimova
Mapping Albena Baeva
Cutting editor Andrey Getov
Camera Ivaylo Donchev
Coordinator Adi Kaneva
Assistant Zoya Shopova
Text work Miriam Koja
Idea Neda Sokolovska, Ivan Dimitrov
Technical assistant Tarek Jarad, Vasilia Drebova
Cast Mila Bancheva, Ricardo Ibrahim

“Mir vam” (Peace Be With you) explores the complex and painful reality of the refugee wave and of the migratory processes at the dawn of 21st century. In the performance the refugee crises is presented through the stories of its protagonists: refugees, migrants and Bulgarians who cross paths with them. “Mir vam” or “Peace be with You!” is a universal religious greeting in both Christianity and Islam. The response to it is “May peace be with you!”. But what is peace? What is it like to be running away from war? How do you get across the border? What is it like to live in a refugee camp? Where is tolerance?  Where does tolerance end? What world are we living in today?

“Mir vam” (Peace Be With You) is a documentary theatre performance created with verbatim approach in which VOX POPULI Studio has specialized in the past years. The performers on the stage reproduce audio recordings of interviews done with different people related to the specific subject matter. This time the creative team carried out a field research in refugee camps in Bulgaria as well as on the border with Turkey. The collected material serves as a basis for the performance and for a sociological report on the interviews with refugees and Bulgarian citizens done by the team.

The performance is part of the N/TRY platform of Documentary Theatre Studio Vox Populi at the Red House Centre for Culture and Debate.

 In English and Bulgarian, with Bulgarian, Arabic and English subtitles.


The project is realized with the support of Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality, Goethe Institut-Sofia, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Aladin foods and the Red House.

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Tickets Price: 10 lv.; 8 lv. for students and pensioners

GALLERY    Photo: Stefani Handzhiyska

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