2016 | Showcase programme City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” | 06 June, 22.00 - 22.35
MANIFEST Dance Company


Concept, choreography, scenography, costumes and light design: Svetlin Velchev
Artistic consultant: Barbara Krulik
Technical assistant: Iasen Georgiev
Sound: Random Inc.
Performers: Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova

The duet Monologue is an architectonic contemporary dance piece executed in a location set as an installation – a piece representing a paradoxical world and the eventual rebuilding of a new better place.

The audience observes the workflow of the two performers who play the role of engineers on a construction site, building parallel realities, creators of their own destiny. Depending on the time and space, the pathways of the performers unaware of the other’s presence find points of divergence eventually their intersection reveals a common ground. The work reflects on distopic social disaffection and how it can pave an easy path to ignorance, envy and hatred. In our desensitized society human emotions are suppressed leaving one numb and callous. Love, compassion, and mutual understanding are no longer; people forget to connect to the small, casual or even important moments.

Monologue is a continuation in the ongoing research of choreographer Svetlin Velchev about the importance and power of movement to communicate the notion of contradiction as a basic feature of reality. This work is a sequel to a series of multi-disciplinary projects that investigates the concepts of affection, closure, privacy and distance between us as individuals. Have dichotomous trends reshaped society and how has this emerged in a new era that is completely different than in past decades.

‘Monologue’ was created as part of ‘triZavisim’ – an initiative of the Guild of Contemporary Performing Arts at SAB, together with the Cultural Foundation A25. It has been implemented within Residence program at Derida Dance Center – Sofia.

Tickets Price: 10 lv.; 8 lv. for students and pensioners; Price together with Zen Play: 15/12 lv.

GALLERY    Photo: Maritsa Kolcheva

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