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по Чудомир

Моноспектакъл на Мариус Куркински

Actor Marius Kurkinsky has made solo performance main form that demonstrates his unique and inimitable performing style and talent. This has brought him multiple awards and the laudatory definition of him as a “theatrical phenomenon”. He started practising in the area of solo performance with the prose of Chekhov, Platonov and Julian Barnes, with texts from the Bible and other works and, since 2006, all his performances are based on Bulgarian authors. With his solo performance based on the stories of the famous Bulgarian humourist Chudomir, Marius Kurkinsky celebrated his 30th anniversary on stage.

In “Nashenets” (“Local”) Marius Kurkinsky recreates the author’s typical wit and views on life, served through funny and touching stories and through the genuine and honest storytelling of a naive person.

“These things were written between 1933 and 1940… Maybe, after all, these are true pictures of that time here, sprinkled with humour. They say peoples are like children – they do not like moralization, but rather want to learn the truth while entertaining themselves in the process. They also say that if satire is the surgeon’s knife, then humour is “the sweet ointment” for the wound. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing left but to wish that this sweet ointment would be mass-produced and sold far and wide, because there are many wounds yet to be healed in our country.” Chudomir

Tickets Price: 35, 40, 45, 50 BGN/ 30 BGN discount tickets Duration: 120 мин.

GALLERY    Photo: Радина Миленчева

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