2024 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Festival and Congress Centre - Varna, Retro Club, | 10 June, 20:00
11 June , 20:30
"Ivan Vazov" National Theatre


by Thea Denoljubova

Stage version and staging by Stoyan Radev

Set design: Elitsa Georgieva

Sound picture: Stoyan Radev

Dramaturg: Mirela Ivanova

A solo performance of Hristo Mutafchiev

A lonely man at the bar calls the other visitors. It turns out that the bar is owned by Judas and the man is Jesus Christ. Or so he claims. Why? What does he want to achieve if this is really Him? The text was inspired by the novel “Thirst” by the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb and was specially written for the actor Hristo Mutafchiev by Thea Denoljubova.

“Oh My God” takes the audience to a setting that is very similar to the one in the play, close to the actor. His personality seems to be filled with some divine power or maybe he is the Son of God himself, who is genuinely amazed at people’s ability to deal with life. How do they carry their invisible crosses?

“Oh My God” is the second solo performance of the popular actor Hristo Mutafchiev after “An Angel’s Cry” (Varna Summer ITF 2021), which was also created jointly with director Stoyan Radev.

 The team of the show invites you to a warm, sincere conversation about the deepest topic that seeks answers in the heart and mind of every person. A conversation with a smile and a tear, with irony and compassion. Stoyan Radev, director

The performance is not suitable for people under 14.

Tickets Price: 30 BGN / 25 BGN discount tickets Duration: 90 min


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