2023 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 05 June, 19:30
Ivan Vazov National Theatre


Director: Jernej Lorenci

Dramaturg: Matic Starina

Set Designer: Branko Hojnik

Composer: Branko Rožman

Choreographer: Gregor Luštek

Costume Designer: Belinda Radulović

Cast: Deyan Donkov, Vladimir Penev, Darin Angelov, Dimitar Nikolov, Valentin Ganev, Nencho Kostov, Stelian Radev, Zhoreta Nikolova, Vasilena Vinchentso, Eva Danailova, Bilyana Petrinska, Radena Valkanova, Gergana Zmiycharova, Alexandra Vasileva

Jernej Lorenci’s Orpheus at the National Theatre has been heralded by theatre critics as the most significant event on the Bulgarian stage this season. This prominent Slovenian director is already acknowledged as a trendsetter in European theatre and his Orpheus joins the ranks of his four performances at Varna Summer International Theatre Festival, with Homer’s Iliad attracting most attention. Jernej Lorenci was a recipient of the 2017 Europe Prize Theatrical Realities.

For his original work, Jernej Lorenci revisits Ancient Greek literature, this time developing the myth about Orpheus and his beautiful wife Euridice, who dies of a snake bite at their wedding. A despondent Orpheus descends into the underworld, determined to get his Euridice back. A true master in translating an ancient myth into contemporary medium, Jernej Lorenci makes this myth relevant to our contemporary sensitivity. The director intertwines literature, poetry and personal stories in an ecstatic and musical performance about human mortality.

Why does Orpheus descend into the underworld? What does he actually descend into – hell, people, Euridice, or his worst fears and ullisions? Why would he challenge the prophecy, turning around to look at Euridice, knowing only too well he would be doomed?

Icarus Award 2023 for Best performance and Best Director (Jernej Lorenci)

Icarus Award 2023 Nomination for Best Actor (Deyan Donkov)

The performance is not recommended for people under 18.

With English surtitles.

Tickets Price: 45, 40, 35 BGN/ 30 BNG (discount) Duration: 180 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Stefan N. Shterev

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