2023 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 01 June, 19:00
Bulgarian Army Theatre


Written and directed by Stoyan Radev

Set design and costumes: Nina Pashova

Choreography: Teodora Popova

Musical accompaniment: Mihail Shishkov

Vocal pedagogue: Christo Sarafov

Music consultant: Doni – Dobrin Vekilov

Cast: Anastasiya Ingilizova, Antoaneta Dobreva – Neti, Gergana Dandanova, Gergana Pletnyova, Evelin Kostova, Elena Raynova, Eli Koleva, Lara Zlatareva, Luizabel Nikolova, Meglena Karalambova, Mimoza Bazova, Plamena Getova, Radosveta Vasileva, Stefka Yanorova, Mihail Shishkov

Performance ½ is a music and theatre show written by its cast, 14 actresses working at the Bulgarian Army Theatre. The title references the legendary 8 ½, the Italian director Federico Fellini’s film which blurs the line between life and cinema, fiction and reality. Stoyan Radev marks the 60th-year anniversary of the film’s release, paying his tribute to the film with a performance about the never-ending game of reflection between theatre and life.

Following the closing curtain of yet another performance, the actresses refuse to leave and all their lives permeate the stage. The performance leads us through their experiences and thoughts and we approach the world of ‘reality’ along the world of soul, talent and inspiration.

Performance ½ emerges as a celebration of personal stories, funny anecdotes, dance and popular music that the actresses share with us so that we think anew of the stage, life and their interdependence.

Tickets Price: 40, 35, 30 BGN/ 25 BGN (discount) Duration: 120 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Boris Urumov

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