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05 June , 20:00
„Base Х“


by Suzie Miller

Translated by Radoslav Petkashev

Consultant: Svetlana Yancheva

Set design and costumes: Vanina Tsandeva

Distribution and advertasing: Artvent

A solo performance of Elena Telbis

Tessa Ensler is a young barrister, who is talented, funny and confident in herself. She manages to go a long way with her willpower and talent – from her poor family in a small town, through her education in the Faculty of Law in Cambridge up to being an expert in some of the most respectable law firms. She dedicated her life to service in a system she unconditionally believed in. She only played by the rules. At some point, her life changed and that same system was called upon by her to deliver justice. This, however, failed to happen.

“Prima Facie” (a legal term that means “at first sight”) is the first solo performance of the young actress Elena Telbis. She has gained increasing popularity and recognition as both a theatrical (with two nominations for the “Askeer” award and one “Icarus” award) and film actress (“Losers”, “Wines”, etc.), and her play “Garbage” (Theatre 199) was given the “Icarus” and “Askeer” awards.

“Prima Facie” is Australian playwright Suzie Miller’s debut on Broadway and West End in London. Before she started writing plays, she worked as a barrister and used a lot of her experience on sexual harassment cases in the play. She has won the prestigious British theatre awards “Olivier” and WhatsOnStage for best play.

“For years now, we have been listening how we “should talk” about the important matters. We talk. Yet, there is no change again. Then, maybe, besides talking, we should also start acting. Because we need justice. It is there at first sight. But only at first sight.“Elena Telbis

Tickets Price: 35 лв./ 30 лв. за учащи се и пенсионери Duration: 90 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Павел Червенков

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