2024 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 08 June, 19:30
Drama Theatre - Plovdiv


by William Shakespeare

Stage version and directing by Stayko Murdjev

Set and costume design Nikola Nalbantov

Music Petar Dundakov

Choreography and stage movement Stanislav Genadiev and Philip Milanov

Stage speech and Shakespearean speech Sava Dragunchev

Sign language consultant Tilka Kairiakova

Assistant director Nikolay Yordanov

Cast: Simeon Alexiev, Dimitar Banchev, Venelin Metodiev, Mariana Yotova, Ivaylo Hristov, Ivana Papazova, Spartak Pantaleev, Eleonora Ivanova, Stiliyan Stoyanov, Konstantin Elenkov, Boris Krastev, Elena Kabasakalova, Alexey Kozhuharov, Martin Rakov, Krasimir Vassilev, Ivana Krumova, Pavel Sapundzhiev, Stefan Saraivanov, Zlatko Sharkov, Nikolay Kolev


After the comedy “The Taming of the Shrew”, Stayko Murdjev puts on stage probably the most popular tragedy by Shakespeare. In his performance, we witness the story of Romeo and Juliet, however, it does not take place in romantic Verona of the 16th century, but in an ultra-modern, post-apocalyptic city. The two lovers fall into a beautiful carousel of passion, in a maelstrom of dreams and feelings in the context of the aggressive modern world.

Stayko Murdjev belongs to the new active generation of directors in Bulgarian theatre and has developed a recognisable style in his performances based on classic and modern drama put on stage in theatre houses in Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. His work shows his aspiration for large-scale stage settings, his talent to work in an artistic manner and create electrifying action on stage. This has brought him wide recognition by both the critics and the audience. He has been awarded the “Icarus” award for debut in 2010, which was followed by a number of nominations and awards.

“Romeo and Juliet and the notion of this play are so trivialised, as is the topic about love itself. I believe we currently live in times where romantic love as a notion, as an argument or concept has been long devoid of meaning. I want this performance to remind us that the romantic feeling is not just plush hearts and teddy bears on Saint Valentine’s Day, but rather an inner mystery, which is intimate and purely human.” Stayko Murdjev, director

Tickets Price: 25, 30, 35, 40 BGN / 20 BGN discount tickets for students and pensioners Duration: 110 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Georgi Vachev

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