2024 | Showcase programme ReBonkers | 06 June, 21:45
Areality Association


Idea: Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev

Performed by: Marion Darova

Sound scape: Stanislav Genadiev

Visual Environment: Iliana Kancheva

Lighting: Elina Ivanov and Stanislav Genadiev

Concept consultant: Stanislava Simeonova

Movement consultant: Galina Borisova

Cinematographer: Marin Kafedjiyski


“Saline Nebula” is a physical performance that takes place in a complex sound and visual environment. It creates an image of the emergence and disappearance of a life form, of the transformation of the abstract into the concrete, of the invisible into the visible. The image is an extension of sound and a result of matter – it is compacted (condensed) through it. Just as the title is a play on words and associations, a new world is built in the symbiosis between the individual elements in the performance. “…for every chaos creates its own cosmos” (C.G. Jung).

Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova have gained recognition as dancers and choreographers in contemporary dance and performance scene in Bulgaria. Both have a ballet education, after which their professional path has led them to participation in international projects in contemporary dance, Bulgarian theatre and dance productions and creating their own performances. Their work together began in 2006, while Stanislav Genadiev danced with the Swiss company Cie Linga. Their first successful performance was “Imago” (2006), and it was the first dance production to receive the Icarus Award of the Union of Bulgarian Actors for debut. Their performances have been presented at numerous festivals in Bulgaria and Europe. Besides working as dance artists, Violeta Vitanova teaches at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, and Stanislav Genadiev ranks among the interesting composers of electronic music and works on his own original musical projects.

The project is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with DOM Club.

Tickets Price: 15 BGN Duration: 40 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Martin Atanasov

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