2024 | Parallel programme Nezavisimost sq. | 01 June, 21:30
Theatre of Fire and Shadows Fireter


street parade and fire show

Scenography by Hristo Gyuzelev, Chudomir Dragnev, Plamen Ivanov

Costumes: Boyan Hristov

Cast: Rosalia Mitrova, Vyara Bolgradova, Mikhail Davidov, Viktor Teofilov, Ilia Korovezis, Plamen Ivanov

People discover that an unusual object has arrived in their city center. The vehicle looks like a strange mix between a locomotive and a snail. The drivers are Professor Rapon and his student. Around them are Ofelia Snelia and her mini-assistant Miss Ojo Boho and, of course, the mechanic with the golden hands, Monsignor Gaston. They reveal to passersby secret drawers, hidden doors and spaces in the vehicle that hide unsuspected treasures. Help Mademoiselle Ojo Boho open one of the windows and maybe she and you will stumble upon a new and interesting artifact ? If they’re lucky, Professor Rapone might get some kids on the fairy machine and give them a ride. The street parade ends with an equally fabulous fire show.
The Theatre of Fire and Shadows “Fireter” is one of the leading Bulgarian street theatre companies. They perform their shows at many international festivals in Greece, Romania, England, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, etc. Their performances are a peculiar mix of theatre, stilts, music, fire, dance, metal and inflatable constructions, which always take place outdoors and among people.

Duration: 30 min.


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