2023 | Digital edition | 21 June, 19:00
Madách Theatre – Budapest, Hungary


Author: András Forgách

Director: Bálint Szilágyi

Composer: Szabolcs Mátyássy

Set and Costume Designer: Sándor Márkus

Animation: Dénes Sátor

Director of Photography: László Seregi HCA        

Broadcasting Director: Richárd M. Nagy

Editor: Ákos Nagy

Scenic Designer: Zsuzsa Tompai 

Assistants: Éva KutscheraViktória Nagy

Cast: Zsolt Nagy, Edit Balázsovits, Andrea Petrik, Vince Juhász

In András Forgách’s play for the stage, the legendary and tragic story of Hungarian writer Zsigmond Móricz and the women he loved is presented through the intricate web of the game of love.

“I fall in love with a ragged little man, meek and obedient, sitting by my skirt and promising to lay the proverbial patience of a saint characteristic of his race at my feet”, Janka Holics says of her husband, Zsigmond Móricz. Then Móricz puts these words into the mouth of an actress and has her dressed in his wife’s clothes. This is how he builds a bridge between his bedroom and the stage. It is a dangerous game. The name of the game is love. The meekness is at an end, and the life and death struggle begins. Móricz knows perfectly well that only one woman can remain, but he runs toward his own end like a wounded wild-boar, dragging his family with him. Will the actress Mária Simonyi be the new Janka Holics or not? The experiment begins innocently enough, but the human heart is a sensitive instrument. Having crossed the bridge, the actress finds herself in Móricz’s bedroom, leaving no room for Janka there, who must take her love with her to beyond the grave. Still, it is good to live, she tells us before she slips into her garments of farewell. – Bálint Szilágyi

In Hungarian with Bulgarian subtitles.

The performance is not suitable for people under 12.

The streaming of the production is accessible for free for 72 hours from 20 June, 7 pm, till 23 June, 7 pm, on the territory of Bulgaria on viafest.org.

About the Streamed Film-Plays of Madách Theatre, Budapest

During the pandemic era, Madách Theatre – one of Hungary’s leading repertory theatres –ventured into film-making, turning its studio theatre space into a fully-fledged TV studio. The Theatre soon started producing so called „streamed film-plays” – a special format merging the art forms of theatre, TV and cinema – under the programme title of „Madách SzínpadON”, which have been very well-received by audiences both from Hungary and abroad.

From 2022, Madách Theatre focuses on producing a series of streamed film-plays about the lives and lovers of internationally acclaimed Hungarian literary figures. These are brand-new works written for the screen by contemporary Hungarian authors using excerpts of the said authors’ letters and other biographical and historical documents, and featuring leading Hungarian actors and actresses.

The streaming of the production is supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia.

Duration: 76 min


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