2023 | Parallel programme The Center | 03 June, 17:00; 20:30
Theatre & Music Production Centre – Varna | Drama Theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov”


By Lilo Petrov

Directed by Stoyan Radev Ge.K.

Set design Daniela Nikolchova

Composer: Kalin Nikolov

Vocals: Denitsa Serafim

Assistant-director: Vladimira Ivanova

Sound engineer: Delyan Apostolov

With the voices of: Krasimir Dobrev, Dimitar Kostadinov, Christo Kolev, Trayan Lechev, Stoyan Radev

Cast: Konstantin Sokolov, Nikolay Bozhkov, Nedyalko Stefanov, Stanislav Kondov

Lilo Petrov’s play The Boot opens with one of the most sinister events in recent Bulgarian history – the slaughter of regents, ministers and members of Parliament on 2 February 1945 (during the so called People’s Court, a special court of Communist Bulgaria, set up outside the operations of the constitutional frame of law). The plays’ dynamic dramatic composition explores the aftershock of this massacre on the lives of executioners and that innocent witness, who was forced to cover the pit in which the bodies had been thrown. The characters are finely portrayed, with matching dialogue that is precise and convincing. In our contemporary theatre, The Boot is one of the first endeavours to tell the story of this inhumane act committed by the communist government, government imposed and supported by Stalin’s occupying army, the Red Army. The Boot is all too relevant for today’s divided times, when innocent people are again being slaughtered by the same empire, apparently unchanged over seventy years. I believe this text should reach as many viewers as possible.
Emil Andreev, writer

The Boot is a reflection on human nature and the times when humans change into satanic creatures, something completely opposite humanity.
Stoyan Radev Ge.K., director

The performance is not recommended for people under 14.

Duration: 105 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Тони Перец

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