2022 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 03 June, 19:00
Youth Theatre - Sofia


By Mikhail Bulgakov

Translated by Lilyana Minkova

Adapted for the stage and directed by Nikolay Polyakov

Set design Venelin Shurelov

Costume design Elitsa Georgieva

Composer Asen Avramov

Choreography Aleksandar Mandzhukov

Literary consultant Maya Pramatarova

Аssistant director Boyan Arsov

Raya Peeva, Koyna Ruseva, Ivaylo Hristov, Boyan Arsov, Ahmed Yumer, Yuliyan Petrov, Kiril Nedkov, Krasimir Nedev, Aleksandar Hadzhiangelov, Georgi Gotsin, Svetoslav Dobrev, Vihar Stoychev, Kristina Yaneva, Avgustina Kalina Petkova, Bernarda Bereanu, Nikol Otashliyska, Ralitsa Tudzharo

In the 1930s, the Soviet Union was run uncompromisingly and cruelly by Joseph Stalin. In an atmosphere of persecution, pressure and violence, Mikhail Bulgakov wrote the remarkable novel “The Master and Margarita”. It was published in its entirety 40 years later, and the questions it asks are still relevant today.

Nikolay Polyakov’s staging based on the novel is like a time capsule in which the fates of ordinary people, the Devil and his impressive retinue, Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, and two lovers – the Master and Margarita Nikolaevna – are intertwined. The performance masterfully combines the satirical, mystical and philosophical layers of the novel in a surprising and phantasmagorical scenic form.

Ikar Award 2022 for directing (Nikolay Polyakov) and for best actress (Koyna Ruseva)

Ikar Award 2022 nomination for best actress in a supporting role (Raya Peeva), for best actor in a supporting role (Krasimir Nedev) and for music

Tickets Price: 30, 25, 20 BGN / 15 BGN for students and pensioners Duration: 150 min

GALLERY    Photo: Гергана Дамянова

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