2023 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 03 June, 19:30
Drama Theatre – Plovdiv


by William Shakespeare

Translated by Valery Petrov

Directed by Stayko Murdzhev

Set Design and costumes: Petya Boyukova

Music: Peter Dundakov

Stage movement and plastics: Stanislav Genadiev

Stage speech: Sava Dragunchev

Training in circus and acrobatics: Ilian Georgiev

Cast: Ivana Papazova, Margita Gosheva, Patritsia Pandeva, Elena Kabasakalova, Mariana Yotova, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, Simeon Alexiev, Dimitar Banchev, Krastyu Krastev, Stiliyan Stoyanov, Alexey Kozhuharov, Krasimir Vassilev, Troyan Gogov, Venelin Metodiev

Director Stayko Murdzhev’s The Taming of the Shrew is a flamboyant contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s spectacular comedy. The performance focuses, in a playful and humourous way, on the passionate war between the sexes, seeking peace through love.

The story involves the courtship and marriage of Baptista Minola’s two daughters. There are already three suitors of pretty and docile Bianca, yet her father, a wealthy citizen from Padua, turns them away as he first wants to marry off his elder daughter, headstrong and uncompromising Katherina. Petruchio from Verona is one for the challenge. Defiant Katherina is all on her own, facing the challenges she has previously created for anyone who dared to approach her heart.

Director Stayko Murdzhev shows in this performance his talent to work on a grand artistic scale and create a buzz on stage. He develops the storyline on a circus arena, with performers committed to playing magicians, acrobats, jugglers and trainers. Thus, the stage becomes a surreal space allowing for everyone to gradually discover their true nature.

Nomination for the 2022 Icarus Award for Best Actress (Margita Gosheva) and for Best Director (Stayko Murdjev)
2022 Icarus Award for Technical Craftmanship
2022 Nomination for the Askeer Award for Best Director (Stayko Murdzhev)

Tickets Price: 40, 35, 30 BGN/ 25 BGN (discount) Duration: 110 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Ivan Donchev

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