2023 | Main programme - International selection Nezavisimost sq. | 02 June, 21:30
Jakub Vedral, Art Prom - Czech Republic


A joint project of Light Lab, V.O.S.A. Theatre, Blackout Paradox

“The Visitors” is an unique installation that connects the world of theatre and visual arts with modern technologies. Giant puppets of inhabitants of the underwater world are illuminated by 6.5 km of optical fibres and 3,500 addressable LED lights.

The world was once very small, people knew only their closest neighbours, and the journey to the nearest town took hours, sometimes even days. Today we already know all the continents and we know that we live together on the third planet of the solar system. We fly to the stars, and observe distant galaxies, but have we really gotten to know all the inhabitants of our planet and do we treat them with respect?

Luminous sea animal puppets are creatures of the night – they are inconspicuous in daylight and only shine in all their glory in the dark. They are graceful in movement with their puppeteer and majestic as they wait quietly in their decorative stands.

Stop for a moment and be transported to the depths of the ocean, so deep where the whales sing.

Free entry.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, the National Recovery Plan and the European Union. The guest-performance is supported by the National Culture Fund, programme Annual Grant 2022 and Czech Centre Sofia. 


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