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07 June , 18:30
Bulgarian Army Theatre


by Nina Raine

Translated by Sava Dragunchev

Directed by Zafir Radjab

Set and costume design: Ellis Veli

Music: Jan Rumenin

Sign Language: Boris Bundev and STRAY SHEEP

Dramaturg: Anita Angelova

Cast: Stefka Yanorova, Georgi Kadurin, Luizabel Nikolova, Simeon Damyanov, Eli Koleva, Yassen Atanasov

The intelligent and proud unconventional family of Billy, who was born deaf, functions as a small closed world with its own language, jokes and rules. Billy turns out to be one of the few who actually listen, but he remains as if invisible. Meeting Sylvia makes him finally want to be heard. The play by modern British author Nina Raine is a captivating dissection of the need to belong somewhere, of the dysfunctions of the family and the restrictions in communication. It has gained several awards for best play in 2012.

Zafir Radjab is a promising young director and a renowned actor. In 2022, he was awarded the “Askeer” award for rising star. He directed Nina Raine’s play in a simple cinematographic style, aiming to achieve an almost documentary effect and pushing some of the main topics in it to the extreme.

“This is a story about the inherent need to belong to a certain place, community or home, about the need to make sense to yourself and to your family. “Tribe” is a play that goes beyond its time. Its text touches you, makes you laugh, scares you, makes you bitter, repulses, deepens reflection, shakes and purifies – this is a text that makes you hurt.”
Zafir Radjab

With English surtitles. 

 The performance is not suitable for people under 16.

Tickets Price: 30, 35, 40, 45 BGN/ 25 BGN discount tickets for students and pensioners Duration: 110 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Boris Urumov

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