2023 | Parallel programme Drama Theatre - Main Stage | 02 June, 18:00
Counterplan and Art Theatre


by Yana Borissova

Directed by Dimiter Kotsev – Shosho

Set Design: Elis Velly

Music by Milen Kukosharov

Cast: Yulian Vergov, Petar Antonov, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Iva Todorova

Turning Away from the Sunset tells two love stories from the perspective of each person in love. The plot involves four characters: a chef with his own restaurant and TV show; his personal assistant he has a huge crush on; a world-renowned pianist; a writer who has published her best-selling book. It is this book that puts a twist on the lives of the four characters, causing them to interact with each other and share what they all consider their ultimate truths and emotional rights. This leads to ridiculous, embarrassing and inspiring situations and day dreaming. Turning Away from the Sunset is a story about the beauty of sadness, it is about sunsets, dancing and cooking as art.

Yana Borissova is one of the most popular playwrights in new Bulgarian drama. She is the recipient of Icarus Awards, Askeer Awards, the Golden Quill Awards, etc. Her plays have been staged and published in Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Serbia, Russia, Argentina, the USA, Italy and Germany. Turning Away from the Sunset, staged by film director Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho, brings a plethora of prominent actors on stage and has become hugely popular with theatre goers.

The event is supported by the Access Programme of the Art Office Foundation, funded by the National Culture Fund.

Tickets Price: 40, 35, 30 BGN/ 25 BGN (discount) Duration: 90 min.


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