2016 | Showcase programme Club „Menthol” | 08 June, 22.30 - 23.00


conception Naoko Maeshiba & Venelin Shurelov
dance: Naoko Maeshiba
environment design: Venelin Shurelov
costume design: Elica Georgieva

“Visit” is a solo dance performance about an estranged woman who appears at a well-known spot on a beach after a long absence. As her desire to uncover memory grows, her sense of isolation increases. Her past haunts her through metamorphosis, trapping her in a liminal space of fear and confusion.

The performance is a collaboration between the Japanese-American dancer and choreographer Naoko Maeshiba and the Bulgarian visual artist and stage designer Venelin Shurelov. It is a result of an artistic residency of Shurelov at Towson University, where Naoko Maeshiba is currently MFA program director in Theatre Arts.

Naoko Maeshiba is dancer, choreographer and director. Born in Kobe, Japan, Naoko Maeshiba comes from a background in literature, linguistic anthropology, dance, and theatre. Her work to date has focused on revealing the unveiled state of the body through its contact with the immediate environment. She carefully conceives and prepares space in its sculptural, auditory, and visual dimensions. In 2002, she founded a performance unit/lab, Kibism. Her solo and ensemble works have been presented in both traditional and non-traditional venues in the North America, Europe, and Japan.

GALLERY    Photo: Paul Emerson / David Peltan

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