2022 | Main programme - International selection Nezavisimost sq. | 31 May, 21:00
Close-Act – The Netherlands


Street parade

Close-Act and with the special participation of Palyachi - Fire and Light Show (Varna)

Elegant and brightly lit creatures conquer the street with their large wings, with which they fascinate and impress passers-by. Proud and beautiful, they soar on their stilts high above the crowd. In the parade they are supported by fire artists and drummers.

Close-Act is an international street theatre company that combines various disciplines of performing arts, like dance, music and circus, with stunning visual representations. The performances are especially suitable for the urban public area. The physical and dramatically trained performers operate impressive mobile objects and extraordinary air machinery placed in the spectacles of Close-Act. The spectacular performances have a narrative character and are best described as magical and hypnotic. This atmosphere is supported by the representation of almost mythical characters, somewhat recognizable by their archetypal appearance and enlarged costumes. The style of play is interactive, surprising and straight: the performers on stilts move among the audience that is immersed in the world of the performance. Close-Act provides with all the spectacles sensory experiences that are accessible and appropriate for an international audience.

The inspirers of Close-Act are artistic and general directors Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts.


The event is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria.

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Duration: 45 min.

GALLERY    Photo: Bert Holtmann

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