City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev”

1 Luben Karavelov str.

Reservation and information:
Tel. 052/ 669 650

Advertisement and sales:
Tel. 052/669 651

The history of the building, which nowadays hosts the City Art Gallery is still not quite clear. It had been build for a Boys’ College, finished in 1884/86 by Gencho Kanev who was in charge of it. The authorship of the design is still being disputed. There are several versions. Some attribute it to the Swedish architect Broks, who was working during that time in Razgrad. Others attribute it to the Czech architect Kupka, others to the Italian architect Valentino and also to the Austrian architect Friedrich Grünanger.

The building is a rare example of the neo-gothic style in Bulgaria. It has a characteristic romantic silhouette, unusual for the Bulgarian architectural tradition.

Tickets for the festival events at the City Gallery can be purchased at the Box Office of Drama Theatre – Varna, 1 Nezavisimost Sq.

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