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Selector: Anna Topaldzhikova, theatre researcher


Theatre is a reality of a different kind and order, in which both performers and spectators live with more intensity. The selection pays attention on the successful encounter where the theatre energy “infects” the spectator. This encounter happens as an exchange of interacting and transforming sensations – both actors and spectators are with a strangely divided mind, nonreal, insane, incomprehensible … This is a different world that stirs the senses and nourishes one delusion. What has actually happened? Do we really suffer, kill, enjoy, betray somebody or ourselves, sacrifice… or this is only fantasy… or in this fantasy we live with more intensity and more real? I have chosen performances which demonstrate a creative search in different directions of the realm of theatre language and communication with the audience, that achieve a powerful sensuous and emotional impact. It has no reference to primitive communication but to exchange of energies between stage and auditorium as a result of a creative theatricality.

2010 | Тheatrical concerts

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