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Selector: Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, culturologist

After “New Forms Are Needed!” and “Theatre of Tolerance”, International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer” is now naturally facing the more general question of theatre’s margins. The art of theatre is a debate with the possibility for good differentiation. Open to other forms of art and to infinity of life, it is a sequence of interactions that always result in some kind of transformation… It is inherent in its nature to put into question, to point at still not existing things, to imply other realities… Preferences will be given to open productions that communicate with other art forms and are not afraid of the borderline between life and theatre. Priority will be given where the stereotype of the conventional scenic speech is successfully attacked, where the borderlines between stage and auditorium are effectively diluted, where the conventional time and space are effectively put into question.

Bogdan Bogdanov

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