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Selector: Asen Terziev


In the complex contemporary situa­tion, where all social processes have been gathered under the denominator “crisis”, to make a reminder to that, which is undeniable in theatre, which is thea­tre’s “basic instinct”, is very necessary. In fact the al­ternative title of that motto would be the refusal to have any motto at all, or to use three dots, or the title “Without Title”. Because in its ideal shape the chosen productions must so effectively speak for themselves, that the only reason for their gathering together to be nothing more than the traditional “festival” format, which allows for high artistic quality and achievement to come to the front… The program of the festival’s 19th edition shall not follow any restrictions in terms of genre and theme, and will recognize those theatrical events, which possess that combination of between artistry and novelty, which is the only sure warrant that a qualitative meeting with the audience shall take place.

2011 | Performances for children

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