2019 | Main programme - Bulgarian selection Drama Theatre - Second Stage | 06 June, 20:30
Theatre Laboratory “Sfumato” | Programme: NOAH'S ARK


by Yordan Radichkov

Directed by: Ivan Dobchev

Music: Asen Avramov

Set design idea: Ivan Dobchev, Stanislav Pamukchiev

Sculpture: Anton Tsanev

Movement: Marion Darova

Video: Dimitar Sardzhev

Robert Yanakiev, Aleksandar Tonev, Mihail Stoyanov, Yordan Rasin, Nikolay Varbanov, Aleksandar Evgeniev, Kancho Kanev, Mimoza Bazova, Srebrina Timofey, Slavena Zaykova, Lora Nedyalkova

“New Bible” is the second performance of the Sfumato Theatre Laboratory’s Noah’s Ark Programme dedicated to the works of Yordan Radichkov. Each of the productions is marked by the distinguished style of its director. They are united by the question of the dynamics between the local and the global and ask how to be open to the Other without losing your own identity.

“New Bible” is, in fact, the initial title of Yordan Radichkov’s first play “Bustle” which marked his encounter with theatre. The play is also the basis for Ivan Dobechev’s performance supplemented by passages from other texts of the writer and improvisation on topics related to the new Bulgaria history. An absurdist theatrical “bustle” of parables, odd stories and happenings thus comes into being where the characters exist between “here” and “beyond,” between fiction and reality. Ivan Dobchev cooperated with artist Stanislav Pamukchiev to create the intriguing and highly symbolic imagery of the performance.

IKAR 2019 Award for best actor in a supporting role (Yordan Rasin)

IKAR 2019 Award nomination for best set design based on an idea by Ivan Dobchev and Stanislav Pamukchiev

IKAR 2019 Award nomination for technical accomplishment

With English surtitles

Duration: 90 мин.

GALLERY    Photo: Yana Lozeva

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