2007 | Parallel programme | 04 June
Deepblue – Oslo, Norway


durational performance-installation

choreography and video: Heine Rшsdal Avdal
artistic advise: Yukiko Shinozaki

Peder Horgen and Heine Rшsdal Avdal

Heine Rшsdal Avdal is a dancer/performer, choreographer and video maker. Main focus in his work is the question of how new media/new technologies can acquire new meanings, visions and perceptions on the human body and surroundings in our life today. He tries to integrate and work with them in a way that technologies are charged with presences, and that they have some kind of human qualities embodied in them or vise versa. He often deals with topics that make no distinction between:
human-machine, or organic-artificial.

In the performance-installation “Box With Holes” Heine Rшsdal Avdal seeks to explores the relationship between touch and its visualization, starting from the question of how we see and experience inter-human relationships when we increasingly communicate with each other via different technologies.

Every spectator has his/her 15 minutes in the Box and goes through an experiment, in which everybody can learn something new about themselves and their perceptions.

“Box with Holes” attempts to set the spectator in another mental state through focusing on displacement of the senses. The spectator’s attention is not only directed conventionally outwards, but through technology “Box With Holes” arranges the senses inwards.”
Heine Rшsdal Avdal

“Box With Holes” is a performance/installation to be visited by 1 spectator at the time. Each session lasts 10 – 15 min. Prior reservation is necessary.

Co-produced by:
Dans in Kortrik-Belgium, Kanuti Gildi SAAL-Tallinn/Estonia, BankART 1929 – Yokohama/Japan,
Brakke Grond Theater – Amsterdam/Nederland, Black Box Teater – Oslo,
BIT-Teatergarasjen – Bergen, Teaterhuset Avantgarden – Trondheim,
Beursschouwburg – Brussel/Belgium.

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Special thanks:
Damaged Goods, David Hernandez, Hans De Man

First initial prototype of the performance/installation was created by:
Heine Rшsdal Avdal, Oliver Bokan and Andra Perrin
in a research-lab: “Now you can have the body you’ve (n)ever wanted” in Tanzquartier Wien.


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