2018 | Main programme - International selection Alternative space | 06 June, 14:00-16:50; 18:00-20:00 (entrance every 10 minutes)
07 June , 14:00-16:50; 18:00-20:00 (entrance every 10 minutes)
Christian Bakalov (Bulgaria/Belgium)


performative immersive installation

Conception, realization, music: Christian Bakalov

Assistance, performance: Tatyana Petrova, Demir Berisha

Producers: ArtEaсt Foundation, Workspacebrussels

Co-production: wpZimmer, Fabrika 126/ Sofia 



Location: Kliment Ohridski School

Christian Bakalov is a contemporary dance artist and in the last 10 years he has performed in the works of Ivo Dimchev, Jan Fabre, Jerome Bel a.o. Since 2014 he has been developing the Eternia trilogy of immersive performative installations inspired by Spinoza’s concept of eternity.  Blurring the boundaries between performative action and installation, Bakalov develops a series of methods to introduce the audience into a poetic universe by addressing them one-on-one through different senses like touch, movement and visual experience. “PURE/ Realmagination” is designed as a guided parkour that investigates the influence of imagination and narratives on our perception of reality and their impact on the relations that compose “Me“ and the “other things“.

The parkour starts in front of the Drama Theatre – Main Stage every 10 min. with a ticket. The experience is unique for each visitor and lasts 45 min.

Kliment Ohridski School is in 10 Mihail Koloni Str. Tickets at the Drama Theatre ticket desk.

Tickets Price: 8 BGN Duration: 45 min.


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